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New look, new name

I decided that the old look and title weren't as applicable to the direction of both my blog and the way my career has been moving. I used to be very interested in film, and spent some time at film school, but really, it's not for me. Currently I'm focusing on gaining as much knowledge and skill at what I love (meat) as possible so that I can eventually open an artisan butcher shop/charcuterie.

Great News for Beef eaters!

US Courts overturn Canadian Beef Importation Injunction

What does this mean for US consumers? Well, a lot, really. Commercial grades of beef should plummet and retail prices should see a similar reduction. Presently, even USDA Select loin product is wholesaling above $5/lbs. I've heard on the coasts that Choice is up to $15/lbs retail. Yeouch. But a reeling Canadian beef market should help flood the market and drop prices back down to close to pre-BSE/lo-carb fad explosion.

However, we're not out of the woods. The Ranchers lobbiers R-CALF cattle ranches who brought forth the freshly overturned injunction are due in court on 23/7/05 to file for a permanent injunction. Most experts expect this to be denied in light of the US Court of Appeals rulings, USDA Secretary Mike Johanns, CFIA and Andy Mitchell, the Canadian Ag Minister, and US Sect. of Treasury John Snow's statment assuring the safety of Canadian beef.

Sausage crazy

wish i had the digital camera that I'm about to order, because I've been going crazy making sausages at work. I sold about 30 pounds of brats over the holiday weekend. They were pretty freaking great, but needed some more mace or something. Tasty though. Today I made a few pounds of Porto style chorizo. I didn't have any portueguese red pepper paste, so I used Sirachi. They smell and look fantastic. I'm cooking some up for my inlaws this weekend. Tommorow I think I might make some linguica, or maybe make up some Anduille and send it over to the BBQ place next door for smoking. Yum.