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Deer hunting helps the troops, supposedly.

Meatnews reports that a Michigan area meat processor donated over 500 pounds of deer meat to be shipped overseas to the troops.

Get out your flags, and get up on your crosses, because I think this is fucking retarded. A little deer jerky is going to lift their spirits? The article says that troops have asked for jerky (most likely because it will keep and they can take it on convoys), but I have a hard time thinking that this needs to be done considering the money being spent. Surely between Rumsfield, the Bushs or the Chaneys (or anyone else in the GOP for that matter) someone owns stock in a company with jerky holdings.

Ultimately, what's ignored is that there are excellent programs all over the country, such as Share the Harvest here in Missouri where hunters can donate part or all of their bag to homeless or needy families who don't receive enough protein in their diet.

Let's see, who could use the meat more, a soldier getting 3 squares a day, or a family of 6 on food stamps and welfare and WIC?
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29 December, 2005 11:22

You are way to cynical, ease up on the guy. Furthermore ask yourself what you have done to help your fellow man. By the way the goverment spends much more money on entitlements than on the war. Also welfare provides enough money to provide 3 squares and shelter, however the majority of welfare money is misused. I have a friend who ownes a liquor store and he tracked 16 familes he knows are on welfare. In one years time, 24% of the money was spent on spirits and cigerattes at his store.Three of the families had at least on member arrested for possesion of crack. Eight had at least one member in prison. Nine had jobs which were paid cash and did not disclose income to the welfare office. Eight famlies had children who became pregnant before the age of 17. So it is my opinion that before you react so piusly about giving deer meat to the troops look at what you have done. Any good intentioned deed is a good deed and should not be dealt with so critically.    

29 December, 2005 13:56

Cynical, maybe, but your post just reeks of utter bullshit. Half of the facts you list arn't even public knowledge. Plus, it sounds like your friend isn't adding anything to the community and is, in a way, exploiting that community. I don't understand getting uppity about how people spend the welfare that his taxes (on the money thatt he actually earns by selling liqour to these same people) pays for.

People who criticize welfare and public assistance generally have no real concept of living in poverty.

As to what I've one, this year: plenty. If I had hunted (didn't get a chance to) I would have donated a portion of my bag. I gave food to multiple food drives. I didn't collect unemployment on a few weeks that I could have, since I wasn't actually seeking work. I didn't vote for Bush, whose admin has just recently cut well over 41 billion in funds for the poorest in this country and then in the same week approved even more than that amount in tax cuts for the rich. I protested against the war and to bring our troops home so that we don't need to send our troops either jerky nor purple hearts.

Perhaps it's a good deed. Perhaps the troops really appreciated it. But instead, shouldn't we look at how little things like donating locally may make an even bigger impact?    

29 December, 2005 14:43

Um, I think we are all forgeting something just a little more important...

Why isn't that deer meat going to me?

Just wondering.

Because I did a study that found in one year's time, 24% of my money went to alcohol, 45% was dodging crack heads, and 15% of my money earned was hidden from my significant other.

If I don't qualify for assistance, who does?

I hate to be cynical, but what kind of world do we live in when Liquor Store owners are highly trained Social Scientists and deer meat that should be going to me is going to some guy who wishes we were sending him McDonalds french fries instead?

I think the common ground here is obvious. Send the deer meat to me.


29 December, 2005 18:03

Thanks for adding a little brevity!    

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