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my fucking head

is pounding into oblivion. I just started taking some meds and took today's way late. Onset of withdrawl after only 6 hours off schedual makes me a little nervous, but the meds are working great otherwise.

I missed Paul Westerberg last night, but I never really got my hopes up because I figured there was no way to pull the $20 door.

I saw all the dudes Fri. night which was nice. It's so much more preferable to just hang out someplace quiet and chill like Sapphire, even if the guys don't have any girls with whom to not talk. We made it down to Eastside later which was WAY too loud and had a wierd mix of crowd due to a LBGT dance thing going on. I had a pint of the black, then KT and I skidaddled. And fucked. Twice in two days. I could get used to that.

I spent the last week in Houston, which is a damn shame because that town is really shitty. It was great to see my brother and hang out with my pops all week, but that was a week I could have been looking for work.