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I'm lucky to be alive, no thanks to these idiots

{inserts picture of the dudes}

Friday Nathan calls me, "Hey let's shoot some pool and get some early drinks at Sapphire"

Sounds great! I'm broke, but got a new job. let's celebrate like fucking rockstars, let's make our way to RipCity©. Cut to four slow, boring games of pool, countless $1 draws of Highlife and several too many $2 Whiskey and Cokes. We've arrived and we're holding a gawddamned parade. I think that I'm the marshal, which leaves JJ and Na-Na as the fucking clowns. Dave #1 i dunno. Maybe the Drum Major. My brilliant ass decides that we all need shots.

Add in a stop to our two other regular bars, more shots and more beers, and I really should be dead of alcohol poisoning. I drink like I still weigh 240, and somewhere along the lines I've forgotten that I had three beers at home beforehand, and that all I had eaten all day was a Chipotle Burrito.

Fast forward another hour (or was that simply a blackout?) and I'm passed out on my living room floor, with a pizza in the oven burning, and puke all over my bathroom floor. I love my wife. She made me put that or we wouldn't have made it to our first anniversary.

Sat. was an entire day long hangover. Watched the
Real Salt Lake Home opener on ESPN2 then caught the Wizards game online then went to see Sin City with KT.

Sunday was uneventful.

Yesterday was the first day of my new job. It's like 30 miles away, but man, is this going to be the easiest gig ever. Firstly I know how to do everything required of me and they know that, so no lame training. I just showed up and did my thing, then left. Secondly, the place is tiny and low traffic, so the pace that I'm used to is much faster. At this place, I can take my damned time, make sure everything is done right, and don't have anyone riding my ass or screwing with my dept. Definitely going to be a sweet gig.

Today I'm cleaning the house, as it somehow became filthy (I blame KT, she of course would beg to differ), and then Dave #1 and I are suppose to play tennis. I guess I'll have to call and bother that young man about it shortly.

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20 April, 2005 00:22

I totally suck, trust me. We WILL play tennis soon, though, I swear. I just turned out to not be very game today and didn't notice the missed call until late in the afternoon and my phone was fucked up because I never charge it (I lost my charger) and by that point I'd already stuffed my fat face at the Mac. Grill and had some wine and later some beers and that leads to trouble. I generally don't puss out like I did today.

Anyway, how is the job?    

20 April, 2005 07:34

don't worry your pretty little head there, D., ain't no thing.

The job seems pretty great, we'll see how the second day goes, I'm leavin in a few minutes.    

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