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Social Retardation

So my last job was a mixture of a really cool gig, and really shitty management, and I left under pretty shady circumstances that seem to get shadier and shadier the more I hear back from some of the people I still talk to. No matter.

But one guy (who has no film background and is computer illiterate) called me out of the blue last week trying to recruit me for a new business, basically copying the thought behind my former job. I can't stand the dude, but if he's going to pay me, fine. Anyway, he blathered on for about 15 minutes, basically saying the same thing about twenty times, and I missed a whole quarter of a KU Bball game because I was too nice to cut him off.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. He calls at 8am. I don't answer. He calls at 5pm. I'm cooking. He calls at 6,7, 10 and 11pm. ON VALENTINE'S DAY! This just screams social retardation. Firstly, unless you're a good friend, I won't call before 10am, or after 9pm. It's rude. And what could be so gawddamned important that he needs to call 5 times in one day.

Then the last straw. He calls this morning at 7am. 7 am? You've got to be kidding me. Then after I let the voice mail pick up, he leaves a rather pissy message about how I'm not calling him back. Impatient much?
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