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Rising prices and budget beaters

As expected, price of cattle at auction is on the rise. Luckily it held steady through the holidays, trading only slightly higher than the previous average. However, when we usually see a drop after the two holidays, we're already seeing a pretty massive increase in asking price per head. Like I predicted, feeders are valuing their cattle quite dearly as the price of corn grew even more demand for hay, which saw a poor year in harvesting. Add to that the record snowstorms and the recent ice storms throughout the midwest (including several hundred thousand head stranded in the snow in Colo.) and I predict to see the prices continue to rise.

If you haven't filled your freezer before now, I can offer only a few pieces of advice. Lamb is still on a steady low. Bumper years in Colo., Iowa and NZ combined led to very cheap lamb prices this fall and prices haven't recovered. Poultry hasn't really gone up as significantly as expected (although Turkey prices over T-giving were higher over average despite the 6 month lead on slaughtering experianced with frozen birds) and the larger birds (Capons, Ducks, Geese, baking hens) are still on level with last year. Offal is still garnering what it always has, despite the blow that Swift recieved in production from its recent imigration raid. Also, this cold weather makes it a perfect time for braising therfore making all the oxtails, short ribs, beef cheeks and tongue, and shanks all the better of a deal. I will hopefully be focusing on offal over the next few weeks with some planned posts, so please keep your eyes peeled.