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back from the dead?

I've meant to keep on on this, I really have. A crazy spring at home, an insanly busy summer at work, and things have just begun to slow down for once. I just got done rearranging my planogram to emphisis winter meals and de-emphisising grilling. I doubled the footprint of my roasts, increased my pork footprint to allow more roasts and family packs, and reduced my grilling steaks footprint four fold. I also increased my stewing/braising scetions and have begun merchendising short ribs, various stew beefs, beef shanks and oxtail and soup bones much more heavily. Once the weather sanpped back last week, I saw an immeadiate jump in sales.

beefretail.com is echoing this rather self-evident seasonal shift as the focus of their fall promotion It's All About Comfort A A quick peak ahead shows that the upcoming Holiday promotions are essetially identical to last years.