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Columbus insanity

Yesterday some KC boys came by at 5am and we headed out for the US/MEX WCQ tonight. 12 hours later we were checked in, gussied ourselves up and were eating fish and chips at O'Shaughnessy's in Columbus' Arena ditrict. We were early, but within a couple of hours, the place was packed to the gills with US Supporters and the beer and liqour flowed like rain. Props to all the barstaff and waitresses who put up with our shit (although I know they got taken care of generously)

Highlights from the night:
Everyone commenting how nuts all the KC Boys are
A tray of 20 carbombs showing up
3 Mexican fans having the balls to come in and have a pint and take all of our shit
Meeting a ton of BS guys IRL who I haven't met before
Ben and Matt having a Kung Fu battle out on the patio
Matt and Spoon fighting back in the hotel room (Spoon is passed out and Matt grabs his ankles and yanks him off the end of the bed, flying like a sack of potatoes. Spoon wakes up, and throws Matt onto some pint glasses he obsconded.)
John ran up a $350 bar tab.
Matt can't find any of the 20 $20 bills he brought because he was tipping everyone in sight last night.
Me? Only paid for like 3 drinks. Tab had mysteriously left a couple off, and everyone kept buying me drinks.

Now we need to shower, shit and shave, go buy some styrofoam coolers and beer and start all over again to gear up for the game tonight, Let's go USA!