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hell of a day

Since I'm taking the weekend off of work to celebrate KT and my anniversary, I had to bust some serious tail to get everything prepped and stocked for the weekend. And it kicked my ass. I'm totally worn out. I'm not making dinner, but I threw some Salmon croquettes and some couscous together last night after dinner for our lunches, so we may just eat those.

I'm really looking forward to tommorow; checking out the Wizards game and Elders concert, then dinner at Bluestem in Westport. I like KC quite a bit. There's some really cool places once you ignore all the advice of the fat, ignorant midwesterners who only know chains and only go to the Plaza. If it weren't for KT, I'd stop in for some LC's BBQ on the way but, but alas, she does not wat of the pig, nor the cow.

Tonight? I dunno, I wouldn't mind some drinks and chilling with the dudes, but it seems like a little too much to hope for to have a chill evening.

another nasty day

Slept in since it's an odd day and I'm not working. Got up and lazed around until just past noon, then left for a hair appointment. I was a little early, so I ran across the highway to the antique mall to look for vintage knives, with no luck. A few straight razors, but not in my budget. My buddy Jason is amazing, and I don't mind paying $20. Hell, it's a steal since he spends so much time and I get a shampoo, too. I had wanted a manicure, but my funds are a little low until I get my first paycheck and tax return.

Met KT at her work for lunch, but ran into an Old Flame who i just found out last night had started to work with my wife. A little awkward, I guess. She seemed to be over it, and I was the asshole in that relationship, so I guess it's water under the bridge.
We went and just had burritos at Chipotle. KT didn't have a full hour, otherwise I think we would have had Indian or Thai or something.

I went shopping for dinner after lunch. We had tuna last night even though it didn't look very fresh, and I was a little annoyed to find a very pretty, fresh yellowfin loin in the seafood case. Instead, I bought a nice cod fillet, and some really beautiful beets, and some snap beans. not really sure how I'm going to cook the cod yet, but beets and cod are rather traditional, so I'm sure I can figure something out.

It's all I can do

Friday started rather uneventful. Work went well. I just keep gradually cleaning more and more and reorganizing. I've also been testing the waters of this tiny town I work in (750 people) by putting anything and everything in my meat case. I had a bunch of excess pork sirloins, so I tied them up nice together (like you would on a crown roast without the ribs) and made them pretty, and they sold immediatly. I had some shoulders that had the cap left on so I cut cubes off of it for poor mans Salt Pork and they sold. Tri-tip steaks, tenderized bottom round for Chicken Fried Steak, Pork Cutlets, STL style ribs, anything different I can think of I have been cutting, and everything seem sto be selling pretty well. I think these people are desperately in need of something different.

Of course, I left early on a beautiful day only to get my phone messages on the highway (work is about 7 miles away from Cell Service) that KT's car had been towed. And had two flats. So I will excuse you all from reading all the boring, tedious details surrounding getting the car out of the tow yard or my exciting afternoon at Bucheroders waiting for KT. I did get Jessie, the jewler who is a real cool cat, to fix my favorite Ken Cole watch band. He also polished and buffed some sctraches out of the crystal for free so that was cool. He didn't even charge me. I like that guy a lot. By the time we got home it was like 8 and so showered, had several Luksusowa and tonics while KT showered, then we went and ate Thai at Bangkok Gardens. Saw the most attrocious rendition of "No Exit" (last half of the act anyway) at Eastside. All female. I'm not sure who or why it was decided that a female could play Credeau, but it was impossible to suspend disbelief or stop cringing from the overacting and poorly delived lines. Did I mention that I thought the blocking was even worse? The one upside was that I think that Eastside makes a rather neat blackbox theatre.

Wow. Am I ever taken aback by my new job. Monday was just getting accoustomed to the place and the people. I saw a ton of things wrong with the place, but I only made a couple changes that were rather pressing, food-safty wise.

Yesterday I came in and all the changes I had made had been switched back to the wrong way. So, I fixed it again, pointed out to everyone what I had done, why I had done it, and why it needs to stay that way. I spent all morning cutting my red meat, then came back after lunch and cleaned for two hours. Opposite the cutting table is a metal prep table that was filled with junk underneith. So I filled two 55 gal. trash cans full of empty bottles, old papers and other useless junk. I also discovered everything covered in mouse droppings. I guess I'll have to bring some sticky traps, because when I asked about them, I got blank looks. Anyway, everything is nice, clean, and shiny now.

Afterwork I ran to HyVee to get some dinner materials (the only worthwhile meat my shop carrys is red meat, and KT doesn't eat that) and ended up with some nice Mako Shark, some snap beans and some fresh brussel sprouts. We had a very nice, healthy dinner, which is good since we had vodka tonics and didn't workout (again).

I'm lucky to be alive, no thanks to these idiots


{inserts picture of the dudes}

Friday Nathan calls me, "Hey let's shoot some pool and get some early drinks at Sapphire"

Sounds great! I'm broke, but got a new job. let's celebrate like fucking rockstars, let's make our way to RipCity©. Cut to four slow, boring games of pool, countless $1 draws of Highlife and several too many $2 Whiskey and Cokes. We've arrived and we're holding a gawddamned parade. I think that I'm the marshal, which leaves JJ and Na-Na as the fucking clowns. Dave #1 i dunno. Maybe the Drum Major. My brilliant ass decides that we all need shots.

Add in a stop to our two other regular bars, more shots and more beers, and I really should be dead of alcohol poisoning. I drink like I still weigh 240, and somewhere along the lines I've forgotten that I had three beers at home beforehand, and that all I had eaten all day was a Chipotle Burrito.

Fast forward another hour (or was that simply a blackout?) and I'm passed out on my living room floor, with a pizza in the oven burning, and puke all over my bathroom floor. I love my wife. She made me put that or we wouldn't have made it to our first anniversary.

Sat. was an entire day long hangover. Watched the Real Salt Lake Home opener on ESPN2 then caught the Wizards game online then went to see Sin City with KT.

Sunday was uneventful.

Yesterday was the first day of my new job. It's like 30 miles away, but man, is this going to be the easiest gig ever. Firstly I know how to do everything required of me and they know that, so no lame training. I just showed up and did my thing, then left. Secondly, the place is tiny and low traffic, so the pace that I'm used to is much faster. At this place, I can take my damned time, make sure everything is done right, and don't have anyone riding my ass or screwing with my dept. Definitely going to be a sweet gig.

Today I'm cleaning the house, as it somehow became filthy (I blame KT, she of course would beg to differ), and then Dave #1 and I are suppose to play tennis. I guess I'll have to call and bother that young man about it shortly.

A giant weight has been lifted from my chest.

I was woken this morning by a job offer. Very nice. The money could be much better, but the hours are about perfect.

Just last night, I was feeling panic-y and super worried about finding work, but now I'm rather relieved and completly back to normal. It's amazing how I react to unemployment. The two times I've lost jobs (both due to lay-offs) I've instantly become a mess and fallen into a pit of depression. Then, when I get the work, I snap back into it and become complely normal.


And I'm back to being a butcher, which I always loved doing.

oh shit owww....

I stepped on some broken glass. Man it's fun pulling a 3/4" shard of glass out of your heel all the while knowing that you are one of the most retarded people you know because you were knowingly walking around with bare feet after breaking glass.

I'm a viking!

it's 2pm and raining

and gross.

The weekend was great, actually. Friday night I picked up acold six pack of ESB, then cooked a nice dinner for KT and I. It was a really gorgeous night, so we actually ate on our screened porch. It's such a nice feature of our home, and we seldom use it unless the dudes are over and want to smoke. Then we went and drank a bottle of cheap champaign in the hot tub. I think it really helped KT relax from a stressful week. We met up with the dudes and had a couple of beers at Saphire. the more and more I go, I like it. It's off the beaten path and usually quiet. Add in $1 draws of High Life and we have a winner.

Sat. KT and went and had a nice picnic at the Gardens. . Then we lazed around until 9 or so, got some pizza and a pitcher at Shakespeare's, played a couple of games of pool at Sapphire, then met the dudes for one last beer at Tellars.

Sun. was rather lazy, just layed around, went to the Library, a little grocery shopping, and I cooked fish tacos for dinner. Yum.

Possible vindication

Had a decent interview on Tues. Sent my references and contacts as requested today. I'd love to get a call back, even if the place is a bit of a dump. I showed up in suit and tie, as mom always taught me (she's head of a large HR dept.) and was way over dressed. Better than underdressed I suppose. I smiled and made eye contact and kept good posture, but I didn't get much of a chance to sell myself. The owner of the store likes to talk. A lot.

This week I saw the Decemberists. Good times. I'm infatuated with Petra Haden even more now. She looked rather unhappy for their first few numbers, but quickly became charming. I also went to KC to see the KC Wizards open the season 3-2 against Colorado. It was weird. I'm not used to seeing the Wizards playing such an aggressive, offense oriented 4-4-2. I mean, we played a 4-4-2 last year, but it was still possestion and couter-attack. Sat. we just steam rolled Colorado through the last 1/3rd of the field. Wolff looked great, Arnaud looked like he can pick up from last year, and Scott Sealy impressed in his 10 minutes. He plays much bigger than he is.

VHS or Beta is opening up for Electric 6 tongiht at Mojo's but I don't think I'm going. I think I'm going to drink some cold beer, eat some good food (cooking poached salmon, fresh green beans and brussel sprouts for dinner) and maybe use my parents' hot tub since they're on vacation.